White 'Rakusui' Water Drops, Lavender 'Tenrei', Rose Madder 'Tenrei', Blue Passe 'Tenrei', Iron Blue 'Tenrei', Bottle Green 'Tenrei' x 1 sheet each,  

Packet of 8


Package Size: 11.8 x 12.0 in. (30 x 30.5 cm) 

Paper size: Rakusui 8.0 x 11.8 in. (20.5 cm x 30.0cm) 

Tenrei 9.0 x 12.0 in. (23.0cm x 30.5 cm) 

Weight: approx. 1.7 oz. (49g) /pack 

Materials: wood pulp 

Milled Washi 

Made in Ogawa, Saitama, Japan


*single unit sample abailable for value.  

Art Paper x 6 , Assorted Bright Colored Papers, Packet of 8 packs

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