Assortment of 'Unryu' x 3,


Contents: White, Lavender, Gray, x 1 sheet each,

Package Size: approx. 11.8 x 12.0 in. (30 x 30.5 cm),

Paper size: approx. 9.0 x 11.8 in. (23 x 30 cm),

Weight: approx. 0.89 oz. (21g) /pack,

materials: 100% Kozo (paper mulberry), sunset hibiscus, soda ash, handmade Ogawa, Saitama, in Japan

Product No. D006


*single unit sample abailable for value.  

'Assortment of 'Unryu-Shi' x 3 sheets, A packet of 8, handmade in Japan

  • 'Unryu-shi' 

    It is made by mixing the long fibers of kozo in the papermaking vat. It is particularly beautiful when used on paper-screen doors which allow soft light to filter through from the outside.

    Some Unryu-shi is made with dyed long fibers.