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WanoKaze Residency Programs 


Connecting artists and art lovers
with traditional Ogawa Washi Artisans and Washi Art Studios

Paper making hands-on.jpg

Learn all about Washi

and its potential application to your art genre

WanoKaze Washi Residency provides programs that are catered to the various genre of artistic profession, so as the participants learn all about Washi and its potential application to their art genre. We provide and manage the full package of the residency program specifically designed for the individual artist.  





Networking with Art Studios

Unique programs are for artists, art schools, and all art lovers, to experience Washi making and to explore ways of using Washi.   

Our residency invitation can be an opportunity to explore and develop the artists’ work outside of their usual studio practice.

We hope that this opportunity will allow them the time and space to further their important work and possibly open a new direction for them.

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