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We specialize in
making personalized itineraries
for truly immersive
and unforgettable experiences

Our services include arranging and combining programs and accommodation of your choice in the area and customizing program details to suit your preferences.

Program Planning & Coordination: 

Our services include program planning, coordination and arrangements that require bilingual communication in advance for the participants to meet craft persons and washi artists in Ogawa and nearby areas you may never encounter otherwise.

The services also offer, should the schedule be made available, to meet you at Ogawa-Machi Station on your arrival, provide orientation of the area, and assist in communication during your visit, as well as to provide Ogawa Washi samples. 

A zoom meeting(s) can also be arranged before finalizing plans, to tailor the program to your artistic interests and needs.

  10% of the total program fee, or 30,000 yen minimum

On site Interpretation:

Should you require interpretation during your workshops and tours, we can arrange for interpretation service, additional fees apply.

- 1-5 persons / day (approx. 6 hours): 15,000 yen

-  6 -15 people / day  (approx. 6 hours): 25,000 yen

-  16 people and up /day (approx. 6 hours): 50,000 yen (1-2 translators)







*This list is as of February 2024. The prices may be negotiable . It also may change without advance notice.

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