Hosokawa-shi! the highest quality Ogawa Washi

Updated: Apr 13

It's the Washi making season now. The Washi paper is made best in the coldest time of the year. It makes the paper crispy and fine.

Hosokawa-shi Craftsmen Association had harvested Kozo shoots on January 22nd. Here are some scenes from the 23rd when they trimmed and made bundles in preparation for the next stage of steaming and peeling off the outer bark.

There are only a few masters of Hosokawa-shi. And it is regrettable that one of them had just retired in the end of last year. WanoKaze will restock more Hosokawa-shi from the remaining masters this year.


Prepare Ahead    (Sep. 29th, 2020)

We would like to encourage you to prepare ahead and give ample time for the shipment. Due to the Covid-19 worldwide, there are fewer flights and cargo ships for transporting goods. We use the Japan Post as it is reliable and with the reasonable costs. For more details on shipping costs, and the avaialble services for specific countries, go here

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