How would you design these marvelous papers?

Milled Washi Art Paper with Natural Wood Bits

These are milled Washi made in Ogawa Town, Saitama, Japan.

Beige, tan and brown papers are made with mulberry wood bits, amber paper with bamboo bits, and Brown Paper with cedar bits.

The paper made with sawdust from local lumbermills mixed in, which give them the unique texture.

Test Printing on a A Home Printer

I thought, “Would the wood bits make the paper a bit bumpy?” “Can you print on them?"

So, I tried printing on my home printer with pigment ink.

I am not a designer, but a complete amateur.

But see how clear the prints came out!

As you can see, one side of the paper is smooth, but the back side is rough. So, I used another digital washi copier for inside.

See How the Light Come Through

The paper is soft and it looks pretty holding up over the light. Perhaps it makes a good lamp shade.

How do you like them?

I hope they are intriguing! How would you use them? Creativity and imagination are all yours! Appreciate any tips and ideas you have for these beautiful papers!

WanoKaze Shop Information

These papers are available now in 5 kinds, and one more will soon be added in our online shop. It will be a variation of the yellow bamboo bits in a little more orangish color.

We have them in full sheets, but also their assortment packs are available with each sheet in a little larger than a letter size.

Full Size Sheets

Art Paper with Wood Bits Packs


Prepare Ahead of Time   (Sep. 29th, 2020)

We would like to encourage you to prepare ahead and give ample time for the shipment. There are fewer freights due to the Covid-19 worldwide. We use the Japan Post as it is reliable and with the reasonable costs. For more details on shipping costs and the latest information on avaialble services for specific countries, go here

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