Tending Kozo Trees

I visited one of the Kozo fields in Ogawa. Kozo, paper mulberry field in August. Kozo needs to be cared throughout the year. This is what makes high grade and durable Washi paper.

Kozo, or paper mulberry trees growing tall in summer.

Kozo need leaves, but the buds and offshoots that will grow into new branches would need to be pruned to keep the stems, so that they will shoot out straight.

Papermakers take a break by the field. It is quiet and peaceful here.

Kozo buds and fresh new leaves can be eaten. It is siad to control the rise of blood glucose level and high blood pressure! Its Tempura tastes great!

The Kozo trees seeing from the roadside.

There are more fields like this spread out in Ogawa and Higashi-chichibu, Saitama, Japan. The Washi industries is dying and Kozo production in Japan is decreasing. Ogawa and Higashi-Chichibu are working on increacing more Kozo production.


Prepare Ahead of Time   (Sep. 29th, 2020)

We would like to encourage you to prepare ahead and give ample time for the shipment. There are fewer freights due to the Covid-19 worldwide. We use the Japan Post as it is reliable and with the reasonable costs. For more details on shipping costs and the latest information on avaialble services for specific countries, go here

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