Happy Holidays 2019!!

May the season bring you joy, happiness and everything else you deserve.

There are so much I would love to share about Washi! Here are somethings I learned on Washi Day 2019 events in November, and some traditional Washi artisans I would love to introduce you to.

How Washi Threads are made

The display shows the threads made from over 100 years old used washi.

The clothes made with these treads are light, warm, and can be washed repeatedly and become softened even after 10 years of hard use.

In the middle picture you see is the several accountant books dated in 1917 are bound together so tightly in a special way. In olden days they were thrown into the well when fire broke, were pulled out and dried to be used again!

Tomoko Nakajima

Tomoko is one of the recent graduates of the 3rd Ogawa Washi Three Year Training Course. With her own handmade Washi, she especially enjoys creating corsages and bouquets. Here are some of her works.

Ogawa Washi Successors Training Courses

Ogawa Washi has the long history in Washi making in the area, which thrived especially in Edo era (1780-1867), with nearly 800 washi workshops. However, with the modernization over the past century, the number decreased drastically down to now only a few handfuls. Ogawa has been making efforts in training young successors of washi artisans, by receiving apprentices and providing training courses. But to increase the traditional artisans, now the next step is necessary. It is to let known the Ogawa Washi and increase the market demands.

More on the Washi Day 2019 will be coming soon!


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