High Grade Handmade Washi Cards, Plain,

set of 3,

Packet of 5 sets


The materials used for this washi is all very high quality which is used extravagantly to make it firm, smooth and durable.


Materials: Kozo 80%, Mitsumata (oriental Paperbush) 20%, all locally grown

Size: 4.0 in x 6.6 in  (10.5 x 15.5 cm),

Weight: approx. 0.1oz. (2.5g) /piece, 0.42oz (10g)/pack,

handmade in Tokigawa, Saitama, Japan  

*quantities limited

Product No. YM003


*single unit sample abailable for value.  

Handmade Washi Cards: Plain, set of 3, Packet of 5 sets

  • Fumie began handmaking washi in 1995. Over the years, she has learned the value of using only the finest materials and tools, and gained an appreciation of the enduring legacy of traditional papermaking methods.

    Fumie pays special attention to the raw materials used, particularly,the kozo plant (paper mulberry). The bark of the kozo shoots are the main materials for making Ogawa Washi. Like the long-established practice of paper artisans, she grows her own kozo and uses only locally grown plants for her washi.