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High Grade Washi Printmaking Paper, No.16,  handmade

High Grade Washi Printmaking Paper, No.16, handmade

High Grade Handmade Washi Printmaking Paper No.16 is a sized, roller pressed and semi-bleached.


This is a popular printmaking Washi for its good value price, considering having large amount of locally grown high-grade Japanese Ogawa Kozo.


 It works for all types of printing. It is good for moku hanga,linoleum, copper etching and copper aquatint, woodblock printing, ink and graphite illustration, and also for watercolor painting. It is strong and easy to handle (tearing, wetting, drying). For hand printing, it prints very clearly.The thinness helps hand printing. 


Material: 70% Japanese Ogawa Kozo, 30% wood pulp

Size: approx. 27.5x39.3in. (70x100 cm), full size,

Weight: approx. 2.1oz. (60g)

Handmade at Handmade Paper Studio Tuskigawa, in Higashi-chichibu, Saitama, Japan

packet of 10 sheets,

Prduct No. HW002


Please allow a lead time between a week to a month and a half. 

*single sheet (cut in half x 2) available at a charge. 

  • Users Recommend

    - It has all the best qualities that I look for in paper. The texture it has is a nice balance of rough and smooth. It handled the watercolor extremely well as well as the cyanotype formula. There was little to no bleed through with any of the mediums that I used on it.

    According to my previous experience, I always prefer using Japanese Kozo for printing more than Thai Kozo. I got great color quality on HW002. The natural color tone on HW002 works great for me. It is relatively affordable and easy to use. The paper is sturdy as Washi.

    It worked the best for all the techniques I tried. It was great overall: the texture, color,  thickness and price. Other paper worked great too.

    It is very strong but also delicate, and would work well for a variety of applications. I also like the soft natural color of it.

    The colors fly off the page with these two as they show so vibrantly

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