'Rakusui' Water Drops Washi, White, No. 4, handmade, packet of 10 full size


'Rakusui' Water Drops Washi,  White,  No. 4, Handmade,

full size, paket of 10 sheets 


Material: 100% inner white bark of high quality Chinese Kozo, sunset hibiscus, & soda ash

Size: approx.  24.8in x  36.6 in, (63x93cm),

Weight: 0.63oz. (18g) 


handmade by Hisako Uchimura, Master of Hosokawa-shi,

Higashi-chichibu, Saitama, Japan,


Product No. UK04CW


*single sheet (cut in half size x2) abailable for value. 

  • Rakusui-shi

    When the paper is freshly made and still wet on the mold, dropping water onto the paper would leave thin round marks. When dried, they look like water drops. 
    Rakusui-shi is also used for paper-screen paper doors like Unryu-shi as well as for lamp shades to let the soft light shine through. 

  • Paper Maker Information

    Hisako Uchimura, Master of Hosokawa-shi
    Hisako Uchimura is a mentor to apprentices who will carry on the tradition of making Ogawa Washi. 
    She has generously shared her passion for traditional Ogawa Washi to many. She upholds a strict standard in her own paper making, using only the highest quality materials. Her washi is recognized as one of the finest in Ogawa.  
    Most of her paper - Hosokawa-shi and other Ogawa Washi, including dyed Washi, ‘Kogei-shi’, Graduation Certificates, postcards, Japanese traditional style notebooks, Tanzaku paper for Haiku, and such - are made to order.

    Nov. 9th, 2017    Received a letter of appreciation from the Council of National Important 
    Intangible Cultural Asset Holder Groups (An organization under the Agency 
    for Cultural Affairs). 
    2016         Began teaching 9 trainees.
    2015    Took office as the vice-chairperson of the Hosokawa-shi Craftsmen’s Association 
    2014        Hosokawa-shi is added by UNESCO to the Representative List of the 
    Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity 
    2010        Certified as the Saitama Prefectural Traditional Craftsman
    2005        Conducted a Handmade Washi Paper Making Workshop in Hungary. 
    2002        Established Uchimura Washi Studio
    1995-2000    Took the Hosokawa-shi/Ogawa Washi Successors’ Training Course

Office Harvest for Export & trancelation for Ogawa Washi / English Learning for Japanese children