Pine 'Sukashi' Watermarked,  White, 

Handmade in Japan,  White, 1 sheet,  

Packet of 5


Materials: 100% Japanese Kozo (paper mulberry), sunset hibiscus, soda ash, All locally grown,

Package Size: 12.6 x 20.8 in. (32 x 53cm),

Paper Size: 12.2 x 16.1 in. (31cm x 41cm),

Weight: approx. 0.8 oz. (19g)/pack,

handmade in Tokigawa, Saitama, Japan 

Product No. YM009PN


*single unit sample abailable for value.  

Pine 'Sukashi' Watermarked, White, 1 sheet, Packet of 5 sheets

  • 'Sukashi' Watermarked

    Patterns on the 'Sukashi' watermarked sheets are created by specially designed stencils on the mold.