The high grade Origami is made in 2 layers. A thin layer of the traditional 'Asanoha' patterned watermark Washi is placed on dyed Washi. 

5 colors x 6 sheets each, 30 sheets/pack, packet of 5,  


The elegant translucence, subtly irregular texture is unique to Washi Origami. 


Material: 100% wood pulp
Size: 5.9 x 5.9 in. (15 x 15 cm), 
Weight: 1.48oz. (42g)
Milled, made in Ogawa, Saitama, Japan
*Available with various sizes.

No. TN302S-15

Tratitional 'Asanoha' Origami, 5 colors, 30 sheets, packet of 5 packs

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