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Washi Printmaking Paper, No. 21,  handmade

Washi Printmaking Paper, No. 21, handmade

Handmade Washi Printmaking Paper No.21 is a thick, sized, roller pressed, & semi-bleached.


Material: 70% Thai kozo, 30% wood pulp,

handmade at Handmade Paper Studio Tsukigawa, Higashi-chichibu, Saitama, Japan, packet of 10 sheets 

Size: approx.27.5x39.3in. (70x100 cm), full size,

Weight: approx. 2.82oz. (80g)

Prduct No. HW004


Please allow a lead time between a week to a month and a half. 

*single sheet (cut in half x 2) available at a charge. 

  • Users Recommend

    - Because they took the linoleum and copper plates very well, held ink beautifully, preserved crisp lines and details, and were thicker yet still showed some of the delicate kozo texture at the edges.

    - It worked the best for all the techniques I tried. It was great overall: the texture, color, thickness and price. Other paper worked great too.

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