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Hanairi' Safflower White, packet of 10 full size sheets

Hanairi' Safflower White, packet of 10 full size sheets

'Hanairi' Safflower White, milled, 32g , A packet of 10 sheets

The paper is made with real safflower pettals mixed-in.  

Graceful paper. 


Materials: pulp 100%, safflower pettals

Size: 24 in. x 36in. (610 mm x 915 mm)

Weight: 1.12oz. (32g) /sheet


Made in Ogawa, Japan


*single sheet (cut in half size x2) available at a charge.

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    Shipping cost is calculated by weight and the delivery location, then added to the shopping cart. Kindly let us know if your area is not preset to our shop system, as it may not complete the payment process. 

  • Paper Mill information

    Takano Seishi-jo

    Generations of the Takano family have been engaged in the paper making industry for centuries. In 1961, we introduced paper making machines to our facility to meet the demands of modernization.   

    Machines enable mass production. The general process of producing milled washi is essentially the same as handmade washi.  Though the quality of genuine handmade washi is indisputably more superior, milled washi is still remarkable for its graceful texture and durability compared to ordinary paper.

    We use ecologically responsible and sustainable processes in paper making. Discards from sawmills such as wood chips and shavings are used as raw materials. Waste water is treated and purified before being returned to the natural environment.

    Our major products include photocopy paper, dyed origami paper, wrapping paper, and art paper. More recently, we have offered photocatalytic paper, cedar and bamboo fiber blended paper, and recycled paper.

    We hope our products inspire your creativity.  

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