Welcome to WanoKaze. 

We are a private BtoB store 

that shares artisanal paper

from Ogawa Town,

Higashi-Chichibu Viallge, 

and nearby areas

in the northwest of Tokyo. 

It is crafted sheet by sheet

by master paper-makers
using time-honored methods.

Rooted in Tradition.
Designed for Innovation.

Washi's elegant translucence, subtly irregular texture, strength and durability make it suitable for countless practival and artistic applications. 

Washi can be used for:

Writing pads, notebooks, scrapbooks, 
Bookbinding, Photo matting,

greeting cards, gift cards, name cards, 
Calligraphy, woodblock printings,

etchings, chine-colle, collage,

tapestries, partitions, screens, lampshades, bouquets, accessories,

conservation & repair,

custom museum shop items,

and more! 

Office Harvest for Export & trancelation for Ogawa Washi / English Learning for Japanese children