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Washi-Making Workshops

In Ogawa/Higashi-chichibu/Tokyo 

​●Washi Learning Center:  

All Washi made at the center uses Ogawa domestic Kozo.
⋆ Short Program: Make 5 Sheets in a slightly larger than A3 size:

                             1500 yen/person 
⋆ One Day Program: Experience making washi.  Learn more about how the materials are made and the process of making washi.

                             5000 yen/person 
⋆ 4-Day Program:  

For a group of more than 3 people,

                            20,000 yen/person                                            
This program is specifically for those who wish to do an in-depth study of washi. This 4-Day Program is an expansion of the One Day Program and will take a more detailed look into selected steps of the washi making process. Each day tackles a step, or steps, in the washi making process and will advance as the participant's skill progresses. 

​●Family Studio  

one of the few remaining studios run by a family, currently the fifth generation, in Ogawa.

Participants will learn the purpose of and the differences between the various materials.

1 day/ 15,000 yen for up to 2 people, 5000 yen for additional applicants.

● Small Independent Washi Studios  

You will learn how to make high grade washi with simple equipment in a small space.    4,000 yen/person/morning  


* Kozo workshop
* Mitsumata workshop

Program Examples
-  Basic Washi-Making: about A3 size Washi 
-   Vegetable dye

-   Watermarked Washi:  1 morning
-   Japanese “Watoji” Book bound workshop


​● Washi no Sato 

A full day Workshop for a group of 5 or more: 

Full use of a vat: including 100% Thai Kozo mixture: 15,000 yen

Instructor’s fee:  5,000 yen

Gain hands-on experience making your own washi. Avail of the exclusive use of a paper making vat for a whole day.

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