Handmade Marble Print Series

Beautiful marble printed Ogawa Washi letter set.

How would you like some beautiful marbling printed handmade Washi? The prints are made sheet by sheet, one at a time, on high grade handmade Washi. The ink is dropped in the vat one print at a time! The thin Washi made with Kozo is very durable and graceful. Each one is unique and original, and not one is the same.

Contents: writing sheet x 3, envelope x 1, Material: wrtiing sheets: 100% Kozo,  Envelope: 100% Kozo with linings, Size: writing sheet 8.66 x 5.9 in. (22x15cm), envelope  6.49 x 4.52in. (16.5 x 11.5cm), Weight: 0.21oz (6g) /pack, Handmade in Higashi-chichibu, Japan   

Marbling Hand Printed Washi Greeting Card Set, with handmade Washi envelopes. High grade handmade Washi,

handmade in Higashi-Chichibu Village, Japan

Size: card; 5.9 x 3.93 in. (15 x 10cm), envelope; 6.5x4.5 in. (16.5x11.5cm),

Materials: Card; 70% Kozo, 30% Wood pulp, printmaking paper

Envelope and inside writing sheet; 100% Kozo

Here is the smaller version. The ears can be made also with standard sizes as well.

Size: card; 2.95 x 3.93 in. (7.5 x 10 cm), envelope; 4.76x3.54 in. (12.1x9 cm)

Material: Card; 70% Kozo, 30% Wood pulp,

Envelope and inside writing sheet; 100% Kozo

We can also make sets with colored flock paper envelope or white envelope with small embossed flowery patterns.

Size: card; 5.9 x 3.93 in. (15 x 10cm), envelope; 6.34x4.48 in (16.1x11.4cm)

Material: Card; 70% Kozo, 30% Wood pulp,

Envelope: Flock Paper

Here are some more marbling ptints on notecard size Washi with flock envelopes, handmade,

Material: 70% Kozo, 30% Wood pulp

For more information, go to WanoKaze B2B Online


Prepare Ahead of Time   (Sep. 29th, 2020)

We would like to encourage you to prepare ahead and give ample time for the shipment. There are fewer freights due to the Covid-19 worldwide. We use the Japan Post as it is reliable and with the reasonable costs. For more details on shipping costs and the latest information on avaialble services for specific countries, go here

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