Chiri No.6, unbleached,

Materials: Japanese Kozo, Chinese Kozo, Thai Kozo, wood pulp, & abaka,

a packet of 10 full sheets,

handmade in Ogawa, Saitama, Japan,  

Size: approx. 24.8in x  37.8 in  (63 x 94cm), 

Weight: 0.96oz. (22.5 g), 


Product No. K3036P


*single unit sample abailable for value. 


'Chiri' No.6, Unbleached, Handmade, a packet of 10 full size s

  • 'Chiri', or 'Yamato-Chiri'

    The dark outer layer of the bark is scraped off from the kozo in the preparation stage. Yamato-chiri is made with the bits from the dark layer of the bark. The bits are mixed into the paper material in the papermaking vat. The resulting paper has patterns with dark bits. Yamatochiri-shi is used for crafts and wrapping papers.