Vegetable Dye Unryu Washi, handmade, packet of 10 full size


Vegetable Dye Unryu, Full Size, No.4, packet of 10 sheets,

Material: 100% inner white bark of Chinese Kozo, sunset hibiscus & soda ash


handmade by Hisako Uchimura, Master of Hosokawa-shi, Higashi-chichibu, Saitama, Japan, Size: approx.  24.8in x  36.6 in, (63x93cm), 0.56oz. (16g) 

Product No. UK05CW


*single sheet (cut in half size x2) abailable for value. 

  • Unryu-shi

    It is made by mixing the long fibers of kozo in the papermaking vat.

    It is particularly beautiful such as when used on paper-screen doors which allow soft light to filter through from the outside.

    Some Unryu-shi is made with dyed long fibers.

  • Paper Maker Information

    Hisako Uchimura, Master of Hosokawa-shi
    Hisako Uchimura is a mentor to apprentices who will carry on the tradition of making Ogawa Washi. 
    She has generously shared her passion for traditional Ogawa Washi to many. She upholds a strict standard in her own paper making, using only the highest quality materials. Her washi is recognized as one of the finest in Ogawa.  
    Most of her paper - Hosokawa-shi and other Ogawa Washi, including dyed Washi, ‘Kogei-shi’, Graduation Certificates, postcards, Japanese traditional style notebooks, Tanzaku paper for Haiku, and such - are made to order.

    Nov. 9th, 2017    Received a letter of appreciation from the Council of National Important 
    Intangible Cultural Asset Holder Groups (An organization under the Agency 
    for Cultural Affairs). 
    2016         Began teaching 9 trainees.
    2015    Took office as the vice-chairperson of the Hosokawa-shi Craftsmen’s Association 
    2014        Hosokawa-shi is added by UNESCO to the Representative List of the 
    Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity 
    2010        Certified as the Saitama Prefectural Traditional Craftsman
    2005        Conducted a Handmade Washi Paper Making Workshop in Hungary. 
    2002        Established Uchimura Washi Studio
    1995-2000    Took the Hosokawa-shi/Ogawa Washi Successors’ Training Course

Office Harvest for Export & trancelation for Ogawa Washi / English Learning for Japanese children