High Grade 'Watoji' Japanese book bound Note Pad

with a handmade bookmark,  handmade Washi,  packet of 5 packs.

Cover Color:

Indigo; Hand dyed in Indigo, surface is reinforced and water resistant in traditional way with arum root paste.

Dotted patterns; Hand dyed dots on Chiri Washi Cover, surface is reinforced and water resistant in traditional way with arum root paste,


Note pages: 18 pages of 'mizarashi' (unbleached) high grade Washi,  

Materials: 100% Japanese Kozo (paper mulberry), sunset hibiscus, soda ash, arum root paste, All high grade and locally grown.  


Package Size: 2.33x 4.64 in. (15 x 11.8cm )
Package Weight: approx. 1.55 oz. (44g)/pack 


handmade at Yuzuan Studio, in Tokigawa, Saitama, Japan *Arum root paste coating on Washi is a traditional and nature-friendly method used for reinforcement and water-resistant.    

'Watoji Japanese book bound Note Pad, handmade, High Grade Washi

  • Fumie began handmaking washi in 1995. Over the years, she has learned the value of using only the finest materials and tools, and gained an appreciation of the enduring legacy of traditional papermaking methods.

    Fumie pays special attention to the raw materials used, particularly,the kozo plant (paper mulberry). The bark of the kozo shoots are the main materials for making Ogawa Washi. Like the long-established practice of paper artisans, she grows her own kozo and uses only locally grown plants for her washi. 

Office Harvest for Export & trancelation for Ogawa Washi / English Learning for Japanese children