'Yogo No.6, unbleached,

Materials: 100% Kozo (Japanese, Chinese, & Thai),  a packet of 10 full sheets, くHandmade in Ogawa, Saitama, Japan,

Size: approx. 24.8in x  36.6 in,(63x93cm),

Weight: 0.96oz. (22.5 g), 


Product No. K3046M


*single unit sample abailable for value. 


'Yogo' 100% Kozo No.6, handmade, a packet of 10 full size sheets

  • 'Yogoi', or 'Yogo-gami'

    Yogo is made in the end with all the left over raw materials mixed into the vat, so as not to waste anything. It can have larger & dusty Kozo bits, Kozo strips & cotton fibers, color dyes, and so on. It can be also dried on wooden boards to give the unique texture and patterns. Yogo-gami is used for crafts photo mattings, book covers, envelopes, and more.