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Updated: Feb 9


1300 years of artisanal heritage

for future generations

This is milled washi which is not the same as handmade, however, the general process for making milled washi is essentially the same as the handmade process.


Making washi with machines results in a more consistent quality finish than by hand. The texture is also graceful, and it's translucence, subtly irregular texture, strength and durability make it suitable for special business paper in home offices. 

WanoKaze Digital Washi is made in Ogawa town, Japan, by Takano Seishi-jo.

Eco friendly, Ethical, and Sustainable:

Generations of the Takano family have been engaged in the paper making industry for centuries. In 1961, we introduced paper making machines to our facility to meet the demands of modernization.

We use ecologically responsible and sustainable processes in paper making. Discards from sawmills such as wood chips and shavings are used as raw materials. Waste water is treated and purified before being returned to the natural environment.

The labels are the sample desktop prints, using Epson000779 (PX-M5080F Series). (Image quality may slightly vary by printer.)

The OPP bag is partly blended with biomass-derived polyethylene (PE), a process that saves oil resources and reduces CO2 emissions. Please consider reusing the bag for other purposes.

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Please note:

*Each sheet of the product is unique; appearance may vary.

*The triangular shaped Origami is inserted to show the paper texture, and is not a part of paper design.

*A4 size is also available.

*single unit sample available for value.

Prepare Ahead of Time   (Sep. 29th, 2020)

We would like to encourage you to prepare ahead and give ample time for the shipment. There are fewer freights due to the Covid-19 worldwide. We use the Japan Post as it is reliable and with the reasonable costs. For more details on shipping costs and the latest information on avaialble services for specific countries, go here

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